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Zoom Kobe 6 Surpasses Its Predecessors

Will the Nike Zoom Kobe 6 Surpass Its Predecessors?

Excitement is continuously growing over the release of the Nike Zoom Kobe 6, the latest edition of Kobe Bryant's signature shoe line. Kobe is one of the most respected players in the NBA, with a solid list of accomplishments and a huge fan base. His signature shoes have also been a runaway success for Nike, which has said that the Kobe V was the most successful basketball shoe in its history. Although Nike has been carefully keeping the shoe under wraps, a few teaser photos have leaked online, increasing fan anticipation for the Zoom 6.

An early teaser image of the Zoom Kobe 6 revealed that the shoe has a black/white colorway with a white Nike swoosh logo, while the upper is composed of black snake skin-like material, reflecting a Black Mamba (Kobe's nickname) theme. Underneath the black upper is the red Flywire that reaches from the lace holes to the midsole. Early leaked photos also featured an enlarged heel-cup that does not seem to be present in later photos. Fans have speculated that the heel-cup could be either hidden beneath the snakeskin material or there could be no heel-cup at all. The shoe also features a dark grey midsole and white outsole, with a KB insignia at the back of the sneaker. Cushioning is provided via Nike's exclusive Zoom Air material in the forefoot and heel.

The tongue of the sneaker features Kobe's familiar samurai logo. The logo can also be found on the outsole, which is made of lightweight rubber and has traction pattern reflecting the snake theme of the shoe. It consists of small deep cutouts, covering the sole's contact surface. It should be noted, however, that the leaked photos may represent prototypes and the final product could look different. However, with the secrecy surrounding the sneaker, fans are hoping that Nike's Innovation Kitchen will surpass the success of the Kobe IV and V.