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Wicked And The Yellow Brick Road To Broadway Gold

The hottest most sold out New York theater event in a long time, the production of Wicked is selling out tickets, gaining fans and driving Internet ticket sales through the roof. Why? Why? and I will ask ? Well, the fascinating story of the original "Wizard Of Oz" is kept alive on Broadway, Wicked tells the story well before Dorothy ever steps foot on the yellow brick road, well before Kansas is even hit by a tornado and well before Toto becomes a house hold name.

Wicked begins it's storyline well before any of these event, a matter of fact it begins with the youth of what will become the "Witches of Oz," focusing on how these two friends left school and headed to the Emerald forest, how they met the Wizard and how they separated into two different directions, good and evil. The characters really tell a deeper story of the American concept of good and evil and how it relates into our society today.

Wicked on Broadway in the Theater District of New York stars a new cast of the following, Shoshana Bean, Megan Hilty, Ben Vereen, RueMcClanahan, David Ayers, Michelle Federer, Jeffrey Kuhn, William Youmans. there was an original cast to the show which has been replaced.

Winning the praises of critics and audiences alike, with a somewhat weak musical score compared to other venues on the famed Broadway theater district in the heart of New York, what you get here is the "prequel" the original "Wizard of Oz" which is fascinating in itself. If you are a fan of the original, then Wicked is a must see for you. The production is enduring great success at the Gershwin Theatre and will be running through 2006. Wicked Broadway tickets average around eighty-five dollars and sell out often.

If you are looking for a great night out on the town, or are a big fan of the original Wizard of Oz this is a show which cannot be missed. Not only will you learn of all the events which lead to the characters of the Wizard of Oz, you will find yourself captivated by the differences of the witches and how they grow to head in such separate direction. The show goes much deeper then a theater production, it dives right into the hearts of it's characters and how they relate to our perceptions of good and evil in society today.

Music by Stephen Schwartz Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and a book by Winnie Holzman, under the direction of Joe Mantello you can't go wrong with this already huge hit on Broadway, so make some fun dinner plans in the big city and catch this most talked about Broadway theater event.