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The Five Essential Shoes Every Woman Should Own

If you are a shopaholic and always have an urge to buy a pair of shoes, then you probably have enough to fill your entire closet. However, if you need a simple yet effective rule to follow to complete your wardrobe then read on. While you might not have all the shoes you would like to have, here are the essential five that every girl should have in their collection.

Getting Down To Business

First of all, do you have a special shoe just for work or business setting? These shoes should be well made and match your business attire. Blue, black or grey suits work best with business shoes. You will give a good first impression during an interview or that critical presentation in the field. Most commonly, the shoe will be black with a mid-sized heel. This will make you appear taller and give you a "lift" in confidence. Also, the mid-sized heel will be more comfortable to wear all day long versus a higher high shoe.

Blue Jeans Baby

Another absolute pair you must have is a pair of shoes that match your favorite pair of jeans. Jeans and sneakers are for juniors. You want to have a casual look with loafers or a flat shoe. As jeans become the staple in fashion today, you need something a little more than a cute set of sneakers.

High heels work great in the warmer weather and boots are fantastic in the winter. You don't have to spend a fortune on Uggs, but they do make a statement.

Yoga Time

You will need a comfortable pair of sneakers for the gym. If you don't go to the gym, its still important to have a comfortable active shoe to do your errands and weekend tasks. Remember that exercise is important and you should make it part of your daily life. Either a walking shoe or rubber-soled sneakers fit the bill.

It really doesn't matter the brand as long as it's supportive and comfortable. Nike is always a top choice but there are many others available on the market today.

Your Sexy Black Dress

Every women needs to have that perfect pair of sexy pumps to match that gorgeous dress. You can choose something fun or something hot, but it should make a statement. This shoe is a must have also in your collection. Meant for special occasions and outings, this shoe will tell the world that you are sophisticated and sexy. You can splurge a bit on these as more than likely will cost a pretty penny.

Super Cutie

Everyone knows that pink or red shoes are impractical. But every girl wants them on their feet. They may not match anything you own, but they were calling your name in the store. This shoe is seldom used but you can find this in any women's closet.

We are all a bit impulsive, but every girl has a pair. These are the top five types of shoes in a typical women's closet. Do you have them all? Perhaps you need to revisit your closet and see where you can fill in the gaps. With all the new style coming out each season, you will definitely find that perfect pair for you.

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