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The Comfiest Boots in the World

With our capricious weather patterns in Great Britain, it is often easy to know exactly what to wear and when on your feet in particular months. In the depths of January, for example, you are unlikely to be sporting a pair of bright, strappy sandals to go out shopping. Even in the home, with the emphasis on turning the heat down, saving fuel costs and helping the environment, most people will adopt something warmer for their feet than summer flip-flops.

However, as everyone in Great Britain knows only too well, and you soon find out if you are new to these shores, there are lots of times when the weather seems to fluctuate in between the depths of freezing cold and hot baking summer sun - when we are fortunate to get that.

In the icy cold months of winter, it is usually fine to rely on a good old pair of sturdy boots to get you through the day and on into the evening. On a hot August day, you really can rely on those flimsy sandals, providing of course you have your umbrella handy and you're not too far away from home, going to a festival or walking in a field.

However, what on earth do you do when you want to look stylish and yet have your feet appropriately covered in the event of a range of weather patterns? In England the day can start with beautiful blue sky and by the evening you could feel that a deluge of water has poured from the heavens. Unfortunately, even before you are soaked to the skin, your feet are usually the first to tell you they are wet, miserable and cold. The answer to this perennial problem is to invest in some genuine boots that are snug, fleecy warm, not too high, comfortable and yet stylish enough for any event. Ugg boots fit this description. They are great to ear to the office, and to keep on when you visit a pub or restaurant after work and you can still keep them on when you want to lounge around the home.

These boots are practical, stylish and work with any number of day or evening outfits. They are casual yet not sloppy and it is hard to find a pair of shoes that can match their versatility. You don't have to stick to classic brown, tan or black as these fascinating boots come in a band of colours and if you are going out for the whole day and don't know what the vagaries of the weather will be, these boots are ideal.