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Run?s House: Putting The Right Footwear Forward

During this chapter in the life of the Simmons clan, the rapper and self-styled minister?s offspring actually show off their entrepreneurial instincts, proving that they have a nose for helping bring in the dough and not just burning it away. While youngest son Russy plots ahead for his very own garage sale, daughters Vanessa and Angela find inspiration from ? what else? ? that quintessential womanly pastime, trying to hunt down a decent pair to wear, and then having to take matters into their own hands.

As Russy discusses outgrowing toys with his father, the elder Simmons explains that no man ever really outgrows his toys, and that they just get bigger and shinier and significantly more expensive. Apparently not one to teach his kids contentment with the simpler things in life, the reverend cites his luxury cars and the existence of private jets as examples of the bigger and better toys that Russy should dream about. With the fire for cash lit under him, the boy plans his first step towards becoming a junior tycoon with the help of his brothers, taking up a collection of items for his sale.

On the other hand, the girls pursue their own ambitions of producing a designer athletic shoe, after a hunt through the mall bears no fruit. At this point, however, the so-called ?reality? in reality television begins to be overpowered by the scent of a scripted setup, as they conveniently stumble upon a meeting of the Reverend Run?s own athletic brand, and then are given the chance to pitch their own ideas like marketing savants. The scenario is just about as genuine as a WWE title match, and a lot less compelling. And the reverend?s customary waxing poetic at the end is even more irritating, as he goes on and on about tapping talent and turning potential into potency ? in this case, potent acting skill masquerading as young ambition.