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Planning a Wedding - Making Your Day of Love a Lovely Day

You're getting married! Aside from the new life you will soon be embarking upon together, this means you have a wedding to plan. We have all heard about the nightmares involved in planning a wedding, and it can surely seem a daunting task. There seems to be so much to do, it's hard to know even where to begin. The first thing to do is not to panic. It might be a challenge at first, but it is accomplishable. You are not the first one to get married, and the people before you have been able to pull off a wedding successfully, so you should be able to take some comfort in knowing that it has been done before.

When planning a wedding, a good place to start is the end. Envision what your wedding day will look like in your head. Make it as detailed as possible, and write down exactly what you are imagining, from the wedding gown all the way down to the table decor. If you are unable to imagine it in detail, you might want to pick out your wedding colors first to help you along. This will make choosing the bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and decorations a lot easier. The colors chosen will most likely be influenced by the time of year your wedding is going to be taking place. Of course this means setting the date first, which is usually at the top of the to-do list.

Thinking about the initial guest list usually comes next and then the wedding dress. Some people prefer a non-traditional wedding, and it is not uncommon to see the bride and groom in rocker-inspired outfits at these gatherings. Whether you want to go the traditional route or be more unique is up to you. Other things that go into planning a wedding are picking out the music, hiring the photographers and videographers, sending out the invitations, deciding on the cake, buying the party favors, getting the rings, etc. Whichever order you do these in is up to you.

You also want to thank the people who help make your wedding special. This includes party favors for the guests and bridesmaid gifts. Some gift ideas for your bridesmaid are a tote bag with a personalized message, make-up bags, personalized picture frame, etc. The groom might think about what to get the bride when planning a wedding. A gift for brides is something that says how much he loves her. A wedding is a celebration of love, so make your wedding day a lovely one.