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Making Your Online Business Writing Choice

I've always been impressed with all the great writing content I find on the Internet.

The majority of communication on the Internet is done by writing, isn't it?

-- The incentive is that your income will increase if you write more good informative content to be read and shared on the Internet.

-- The ability (which 99.9% of computer users have) and the willingness (which 90% or more lack) to write is the key difference between success and failure with Internet marketing.

Where do you fall into this group? If you're in the 90%, you're typical, but I suspect your income could be higher. Even if you're in the 10% there's a good chance we can improve it still more.

Would you like your income to be higher? The good news is that there is hope, and you can start today. I'm not talking just about writing that killer sales letter that will make people take out their credit card and give you their money. I'm not even talking about writing a 10 page report.

I'm talking about starting with simple things.

For example, how do you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being scared to death, and 10 being proud of your ability, in performing the following tasks that require you to write:

1. emails

2. responding to forum posts that others have made

3. starting new forum threads

4. posting comments on other people's blogs

5. setting up your own blog and posting regularly.

6. writing articles for the purpose of getting publicity, links to your website, etc.

7. writing short reports (5+ pages) for sale or to give away

8. putting together an auto-responder series to send to people who you've convinced to sign up to have you send them more information about something.

9. sending promotional emails to people who have signed up to receive them from you

How does this sound to you? The further you can go down that list before saying: "I'm not bother by doing this!", the more comfortable you seem to be with your ability to write, and if you've reached step 6 or higher, you obviously have a willingness to write.

For the rest of you (at least), I would like to offer a personal experience. For about six months after I knew what I needed to do to move ahead, I was a lurker in the forums and article sites. I also knew that practice would make me better.

My own business coach preached about how writing articles got her to a 6-figure income. And, she talked so much about writing and submitting articles - saying it brought her leads and built her list to become a nice online marketing business of success... that well, I started to doubt my own resistance.

And eventually I got over my uneasiness about jumping in and posting. I joined a relatively new thread at a forum within my niche and started contributing.

-- As I gave my thoughts, I learned from others

-- As I contributed, I developed relationships.

-- As I wrote more, I developed confidence.

-- As I contributed, and as I developed confidence, I learned new skills, which I developed and tweaked, and profited from.

I was learning more as I wrote more and went to more forums and started putting articles up at more places. Now, each step above is getting easier and easier!

Imagine that.

It all came out of a willingness to share my thoughts by writing a paragraph or a line here and there on a forum.

So, what is stopping you?