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How to Choose the Perfect Valentine's Gift for the Lady in Your

Everyone loves to receive chocolates and flowers but they're best saved for surprise treats; you won't get many brownie points for them on Valentine's Day! There are so many possible presents out there, but it's not really about how much you spend, it's about how much thought you put into it to make something that's really special for your loved one. Here are some top tips to help you go the extra mile.

Lingerie or Nightwear A beautiful bra and brief set makes a perfect gift for Valentine's Day - but only if you get it right. First make sure you get the size right. The easiest way to do this is to look at the labels of her favourite underwear. You can also check the brand as sizes may vary across different lingerie brands so if you get the same one you shouldn't have any problems with fit. Choosing the style can be a minefield but there are a few ways to make sure you get it right. Firstly choose something a little more luxurious than she would normally spend her money on, as this will make her feel well and truly spoilt! Secondly, go for something you know she would wear, based on the kind of thing she usually wears. Don't indulge your wildest fantasies! If she normally wears white then stick to white or pastels. If she normally wears black underwear then go for black, or another dark colour. The same goes for style of briefs; if she usually wears full briefs or boy shorts don't go buying her a thong! If the whole underwear thing is just too confusing for you then pretty nightwear makes a great alternative. Try a babydoll or other pretty nightie, some satin pyjamas or a wrap.

Make some memories If you don't want to give something physical then there are lots of thoughtful things you can do together instead. Spa days are popular and are something you can enjoy together - who doesn't enjoy a good massage? You could stay a night in a swish hotel; you'll find there are lots of package deals available with evening meal included, although this can get expensive. Other options could be a trip to the zoo or an evening at the together. If you don't have too much money to spend, there are lots of sweet ways to show you care. Cook her a meal using the very best ingredients - it will still be a fraction of the price of a high class restaurant. You could have your own spa day at home, by running her a bath filled with bubbles and bringing her a glass of champagne. Or why not take her on a tour of all the places that are of significance to you as a couple, and take a walk down memory lane instead of making new ones?

Get hands-on It's all about the personal touch on Valentine's Day so it can be nice to give something that money can't buy. If you don't fancy making a hand-made card or baking a cake then you could make a pin-board or photo-frame filled with tickets, photos and memorabilia from all the things you have done together. Or you could buy a digital photo frame and fill it up with photos of the two of you.

On Valentine's Day, it really is the thought that counts. So as long as you can show that you've made the effort and can show how well you know your partner then your gift is sure to be well received!