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Caring for and Maintaining Your Ugg Boots

Ugg boots have become a real fashionable trend. While they are stylish, they are also extremely comfortable for the feet. These shoes are made from sheepskin and help to keep the feet warm and comfortable. In fact these shoes can also be worn without the socks as well. These are extremely cozy shoes and come in a variety of styles and colors. When worn regularly, the boots can tend to get extremely dirty. This is the reason that boot care is absolutely essential.

The Ugg shoes are also susceptible to grime, dirt and odors especially the boots that come in lighter colors. There are a number of products that are especially suited for cleaning the Ugg boot. Care can become quite easy when you sue these specialized products for the Uggs. When you want to take good care, you need to keep them in great condition. This will also increase the life of the shoes as well.

Cleaning the shoes

Take a bit of cold water and simply moisten the boots from the outside only. Never drench the boots in water as they can become extremely soggy. Use a cleaner that is specifically meant for leather boots. Now make a solution of the cleaners as well as water using 50% of each. Use a wet cloth or a sponge and clean the surface of the boots with this cleaner solution. But do so gently to remove the outer grime and dust from your boots. Specific Ugg boot care instructions will also be given with each Ugg boot. Follow those instructions to keep the boot in good condition.

Drying the shoes

When cleaning is trough, stuff the boot with old newspapers or towels. This will ensure that the boots retain their original shape. The boots should be dried in shade away from the direct sunlight. If they are dried in the direct sunlight, then this can cause shrinkage to the boots. To ensure that you maintain the texture of the leather or the suede, brush the shoe evenly with a suede shoe brush, this will also ensure the texture of the nap too. If you don't have a suede shoe brush, then you can also use old towels that are lint free to get the nap for the shoe correct.

Deodorizing the shoes

Ugg boot care also involves deodorizing the shoe. While there are specialized components and products that can do this work for you. You can also do this at home by using 2 tablespoons of baking soda, corn flour and a few drops of essential oil. Let this mixture stand inside the shoes for the night and then remove the excess mixture in the morning.