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Birkenstock Shoes - Their Enduring Appeal Continues

It is natural for you to think of picking up some really expensive branded stuff once in a while even though it may burn a hole in your pocket. After all, branded shoes, bags and clothes do have their own charm, not to mention the tremendous ego boost and confidence they give you as you proudly strut your new acquisition to your friends and relatives. But if such a purchase is beyond your capacity or you feel guilty about splurging your hard earned money on such stuff, there is a way out. You can always look out for clearance sales offers or deals that crop up from time to time and get such goods at much lower prices.

When you do come across any such opportunities for clearance sale of footwear brands, then look out for Birkenstock shoes and sandals. This is a brand that has managed to make the transition from selling only shoes to other types of footwear pretty convincingly. They have been smart enough to leverage the goodwill and recognition they enjoyed from consumers for their initial offerings to roll out excellent quality sandals, clogs and other such footwear varieties.

Birkenstock shoes came into being in1897 and were conspicuous by its rather interesting shape which distinguished it from other footwear brands existing in those times. However, though the response was encouraging from the consumers, its owner Konrad Birkenstock deemed it fit that he should concentrate more on providing additional value to consumers in the form of special shoe inserts. This too was well received and the brand continued to have a smooth run of the markets till the decade of the 60s.

The brand then changed its business strategy and that was possible due to the initiative taken by his grandson who thought it best to diversify into making sandals and clogs. Though it seemed odd to do so at that time, the move paid off and soon Birkenstock shoes along with sandals became famous within Europe.

But one of the major markets - the US was still waiting to be tapped and that was achieved when Margot Fraser saw the immense opportunity in front of her. She not only introduced the brand in the US by getting exclusive distribution rights but also hedged her risk by licensing out the special technology that went into making of these sandals. This saw the entry of companies like Betula Footprint and others which now started making Birkenstock shoes and sandals using the technology and ensuring that all their products conformed to the strict specifications laid out. The brand thus got tremendous leverage out of the combined efforts of these companies.

Birkenstock shoes and sandals benefited from the usage of a particular type of cork that was used for the making of its soles. This was light weight as well as durable. The brand also made us of top quality leather uppers to confer a distinctive look and style to the shoes. This process of manufacture made it unique amongst other brands and set the tone for its enduring success.